enter a fantasy world with mythical creatures of medieval times;  travel through space to a distant planet where futuristic robots and alien life forms dwell; or take a walk back to prehistoric times with lifelike dinosurs, an you've entered the 3d realm of imagination works. master modeler, tom knight, has been creating 3d content fornearly 15 years--from underwater seascapes and sea life, to land mammals, to carousels filled with carousel horses and fantasy animals; from medieval architectural structures to fully furnished modern condos and office buildings; from antique to futuristic vehicles; realistic humans to cartoon characters and environments, iw43d has hundreds of quality models both high resolution or low poly available in almost every category imaginable.

design experience include: forensic application and crime scene reenactment; human anatomy models (all human body parts) for the medical profession; exterior-interior buildings for architectural engineers-designers; 3d graphic design and website creation; environments for military training simulation; 3d model setup (morph target setup and phoneme creation for mouth sync); vr models, prop model content, 3d cartoon characters, human model (all ages-ethnicities) creation and animation for web presentations and publication, interactive gaming, commercial broadcast publication, industrial videos, in-house films, and interactive live animation.

all iw43d models are built to scale with extremely efficient 3d mesh, come fully texture mapped with all materials included, all movable parts can be articulated. hi poly human models come with a full set of bones-hierarchically linked with all influences set, and test animation.

client list includes disney-espn, dreamworks, general motors, procter & gamble, and numerous ad agencies, design studios, and gaming companies. literally hundreds of high quality 3d stock models to choose from in 3ds, max, obj, and poser formats. if you don't find what you're looking for here in stock, contact iw43dpam@adelphia.net for 3d custom model creations to accommodate almost any budget.

high res or low poly - stock or custom 3d models - 3ds and max

stock 3d model library includes:
aliens, androids, cyborgs, extraterrestrials, futuristic robots, monsters, creatures
aquatic sea animals - crab, great white, hammerhead, tiger shark, squid, stingray, humpback, sperm whale
birds - hawk, dove, pigeon
insects - arachnids, beetles, black widow, orb, spiders, dragonfly, tarantula
carousels, carousel animals, carousel horses, menagerie animals, fantasy animals, carousel carts
carousel carvers:
bayol, dentzel, herschell, illion, looff, muller, amusement park rides, carnival attractions, ferris wheel, ticket booth, merry-go-round
dinosaurs - allosaurus, raptor, stegosaurus, triceratops, t-rex, velociraptor, tyrrannosaurus, ultraraptor 3d fantasy animals, mythology creatures - centaur man, centaur woman, dragon, pegasus, unicorn
mammals - bull, cow, camel, cheetah, giraffe, horses, rhinoceros, rhino
3d model architecture - buildings, exteriors, interiors, house wares, furnishings, furniture, structures, 3d model cartoons, custom cartoon characters, cow, diver, fish, people, thanksgiving turkey, santa, reindeer, sleigh, santa's toy bag, christmas scene, cartoon holiday greeting card images
3d human character models, superhero, action figures, historical futuristic fantasy human themes
3d model sports accessories, helmets, hats, clothes, apparel, shoes, tools, eyewear, watches
3ds max low poly models - vehicles - cars, cycles, planes, dinosaurs,
humans - business atttire, dress, casual wear, uniforms - sports, medical, police, military
medical props, equipment, accessories - wheelchair, stethoscope, stretcher, medical cot, surgical scrubs, physician's smock
musical instruments, headphones, guitars, ovation, goya, fender, stratocaster, strat, guitar stand, pipe organ, stradivarius, tama drum set, drum throne, cymbals
vehicles - horse drawn antique carriages, wagons, cart. london cab, gypsy cart, royal carriage, buckboard wagon, covered wagon, stagecoach, antique hearse, coffins, casket
bikes, masi bike, black panther, antique bowen, kestrel, 10-speed, racing bicycle, tricycle,
boats and yachts - cigarette speed boat 60', drag racing boat, iw43d nautilus sub, submarine, luna rossa, americas cup sailing yacht, power yacht 52 ft., 172', power yacht, power yacht 80', trawler, schooner sailing vessel, sockeye, fishing boat, zodiac dinghy, removable outboard motor
cars - chevy capri, corvette '58 convertible, chrysler pt cruisers, nhra top fuel dragster, enzo ferrari, ferrari 360 spider, futuristic prototypes, geo prism, gm h1 humvee hummer, limo., limousine,
city & commercial vehicles - ambulance emergency medical transport (emt), fire truck pumper, fire engine, fire and rescue vehicles, emt, yellow cab, border patrol car, police car, taxi cab, ny state trooper, undercover detective car, cop car, squad car, fire marshall car, police cruiser, crown vic family sedan, spare tire, jack, police car strobe light bar
motorcycles - softail, chopper- ninja cafe racer motorcycle
futuristic 3d model spacecraft - recumbent cycle, recumbent plane, sc1 planetary land cruiser, sc1 space shuttle, sc2 space shuttle, sc3 space shuttle, ss1 star cruiser, ss3 magellan spaceship, shuttle bay, trihull mono-wing sailboat, vtol landing gear, vtol skids, transformers
industrial vehicles & equipment - clark forklift, hyster forklift, electric cart, pallet jack
3d military ground vehicles - red cross ambulance, jeep, with gun and gun turret, military slant-back h1 humvee, hummer jeep, tank, military humvee truck, military humvee, usaf staff car
3d model military air - wwi planes - dr1 fokker (tri-plane), sopwith camel (biplane)
3d model military aircraft & jet planes - wwii - bf109 messerschmitt, nakajima zero, p38 lightning,
p40 warhawk, p40 tomahawk, p51 mustang pby-catalina,
military models - ww2 & viet nam aircraft - c130 hercules, c47 dakota,
3d model military fighter jets - current
modern - f14 tomcat, f22 raptor, fa40 military
3d model commercial planes & jets - boeing 737, bbj, southwest airlines jet commercial jetliner, cessna xl, gulfstream v, mcdonald douglas, dc3, s4b supermariner
3d model trains - 060 switcher, 440 american, 440 english, 464 dreyfus hudson nyc, 4664 challenger, union pacific, 484 northern daylight special, southern pacific, 4884 big boy union pacific, 48884 centipede (erie)
3d model weapons caduceus sword, katana, tanto, wakizashi, samurai sword set, scabbards, medieval sword, excalibur, guns, smith & wesson 44 magnum revolver, colt 45 automatic, colt 45 revolver, carbine rifle, mossberg shotgun, double barrel shotgun, sub thompson machine gun, tommygun gun, space rifle, space pistol, winchester carbine rifle

for poser models, please go to www.poserworks.com