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imaginationworks (iw43d)
a  u.s. based computer graphics company located in hermosa beach, ca., that specializes in custom 3d modeling. established in 1992 by master modeler tom knight, the company's 3d experience covers a wide and diverse range of 3d applications. from forensic science and crime scene reenactment, to interactive computer gaming, 3d cartoon animation, or creating virtual worlds either real or surreal, iw43d has done it. primarily software tools used are 3ds max, bones pro, photoshop, adobe premiere, and many other peripherals. After 12 years, knight decided to try his hand at something a little different, and started...
a spin-off company of iw43d dedicated to creating quality 3d models that are affordable to hobbyists in the poser community. in addition to sales promotions; freebie offers; and contests and drawings to win free model prizes, the imagination works team is also devoted to providing excellent service and product support to their patrons. for information on how to become a poser works member click here


mailing address                          
1008 loma drive
beach, ca 90254 usa
phone numbers
administrative        310 971-0106
technical issues     310 803-0703
s.o.s. emergency   310 971-0317
voice mail / fax       310 372-9611

e-mail addresses
customer support  pam@imagination
technical support