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lick observatory
this is a complete model of the
lick observatory located on mount
hamilton in san jose, ca. the entire
building with 2 domes is finished
inside and out like it was when
it was built in 1888. there are 2
alvin clark telescopes. in the
large dome is the 36 inch refractor
on a warner & swasey
mounts, which at the time was
the largest in the world. in the
smaller dome is a 12 inch
on an alvin clark mount. both
scopes work like the original.
the build is finished inside with
all doors and transoms working.
it is finished with pictures and
furniture as it would have been
in 1888. though large it can be
loaded in sections or without
unseen objects.

lick observatory
polys: 2,239,891
verts: 1,180,289
objects: 225
cameras: 11
lights: 21